Affordable Payroll Services Near You

Your business’ payroll system made easy and efficient

Owning a small business requires a swift and competent payroll system, not simply for the sake of the integrity of your business but also for the respect of your employees. 

With all of the other pressing priorities that come with running a business, it can be a challenge to make sure you stay up-to-date on the latest payroll developments and legislation. What is the easiest, most cost-effective way to ensure your business’ payroll is operating in full compliance with IRS and state policies?

That’s where we come in. 

Thackston & Associates is prepared to assume management of your business’ payroll system, so you can have peace of mind that your payroll and wage system is up-to-date, leaving you more time every pay period to focus on what makes your business thrive.

For every step of the process, our firm offers your business complete payroll preparation and payroll tax reporting services. 

What payroll services do we provide?

For every step of the process, our firm offers your business complete payroll preparation and payroll tax reporting services. 

What we can do for you:

Why outsource payroll services?

It can be tempting to try to handle your business’ payroll services yourself, after all, you are in charge of your business. But without the presence and assistance of a certified accounting professional, there is much greater risk for error or oversight, especially as your business grows.

When it comes to distributing wages to your hardworking employees, reliability and accountability are key. As a small, family-run business in Westminster, MD, we at Thackston & Associates place enormous value in providing the highest quality tax, accounting, and payroll services to small businesses like us– all in an affordable way. When you outsource your payroll services to us, we maintain clear communication so that you are always involved in decision-making, and remain aware of how your payroll is being managed and updated.

Trusting Thackston & Associates with your payroll services means benefiting from industry-standard bookkeeping practices. Our certified QuickBooks ProAdvisors are trained in the full operation of Quickbooks online bookkeeping software, with expertise in managing small business’ payroll systems and beyond via QuickBooks. Learn more about how we can help optimize QuickBooks for all of your bookkeeping needs

Keeping up with the IRS so you don’t have to…

Our job is to continually grow our understanding of IRS and state policies and regulations so that you don’t have to. Outsourcing your payroll services to Thackston & Associates is a savvy partnership for any small business. We ensure that your payroll system and financial backbone is legally and fiscally sound, allowing you maximum time and energy to serve your clients and make your business the best it can be.